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Deer Pond Loop



Dingo and I took a walk in the Deer Pond Loop Trail located outside Tupper Lake, NY. There are three points to access the trail (off route 3, route 30, and the old Wawbeek road). We (Dingo and I) started from the route 30 entrance around 8:30.

We did the hike in a clockwise direction, for no particular reason. Knowing what I know now I would do it the same way next time. It was relatively flat easy-going for the first 3 to 4 miles, or until we turned off of the old Wawbeek road onto a fairly new looking trail. The only obstacle we ran into was water over the road due to a beaver dam. This was easily enough averted by throwing down a few fallen logs to use as steps.

Once we turned off of the old road we begin to climb what was mostly rolling hills through very thick balsam and pine.  The trail was somewhat dry through this area. There were a few bridges and Board walks that helped get us through some wet areas till we got to the first marsh or pond (not sure of the name), which is on the left before Deer pond.

Once we got past that body of water it was a gradual uphill until we reached Deer pond/Lead pond junction once there we took a break for lunch.  From this point it was more rolling hills and we worked our way back down to the height of land where it was walking through a bog, made up of mostly soft woods and a lot of peat moss, absolutely beautiful. There were various species of trees (cedar, balsam, pine) which I enjoyed as I meandered my way back to where we originally came in from.

Once at the junction I turned left and headed back over the bridge taking the trail back out to the truck. It was a nice 7.9 mile hike that could easily be snowshoed or cross country skied (for the experienced skier for the section from Wawbeek road to the junction with Lead pond). The entire loop is labeled for skiing, however.

I certainly enjoyed the loop and found it absolutely beautiful. I was very surprised that we had never seen any wildlife. We did seem to flush a few Ruffed Grouse along the way, and on our way back to camp seen a red fox terrorizing a group of turkeys.

I look forward to returning and exploring the trail out to lead pond. 


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Hi Joanne,

When I hiked this loop I started from the Route 30 trailhead at 8:45am and finished the loop at 1:19pm. I had taken my time and really enjoyed it. There was no waterways to cross, with the exception of some water that was flowing over the trail in one spot due to beaver activity. The trail skirted all the ponds, and there were foot bridges where needed.

I had hiked this on October 3rd and had more than enough daylight, so in the summer you'd be fine.

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On 10/28/2018 at 2:23 PM, Joanne cobb said:

Hi I would like to know how many hrs does it take to walk the whole loop try next summer start 7am good time

Welcome aboard, Joanne.

We look forward to reading about your adventures!

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1 hour ago, Rylvio said:

The trail looks absolutely spectacular. Would you recommend visiting in Fall or do you think it's better to wait for the spring?

The trail is absolutely beautiful when I did it in October. I would recommend hiking it in the summer, fall, or winter, or late spring at the earliest. Generally I try to avoid trails in the spring (mud season) at least until they dry up a bit. After the winter and during the spring they are quite soft and can be impacted by hiker traffic.

You'll have to let us know what you think about the trail when you do hike it, the condition you found it, etc..

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