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Panther Mountain



A nice little hike, especially for a young family, inexperienced/out of shape, or a recovering hiker. I had read varying descriptions of this hike describing it as easy, short, and steep in some sections. I did not find it steep at all.

The parking area for this hike is off Route 3 about a quarter mile west of Corey’s road (east of Tupper Lake, NY), on the left. It currently is easy to pass up and miss (if you're approaching from the east) as the entrance is nestled between two sets of guard rails.

We arrived at the trail-head about 9am and were soon on our way. The trail is just west of the parking area. A quick walk and we were soon on our way up.

The trail is 1.2 miles round trip, with a little less than 500 feet of elevation gain to the top.

The trail at first is a little obscure, but if you pay attention to the trail markers, you will have no issue. 

The first half of the trail meanders through open pine forest. In no time, we were up out of the open pines into more deciduous trees, ultimately coming out on the ledges of the partially open summit.

It might not be a bald peak, but there are some beautiful views available. To the southeast there is the Seward range, and to the east you can see Ampersand Mountain.

We enjoyed the summit to ourselves for almost an hour until a young family from Niagara showed up. 

After exchanging pleasantries, we were soon on our way back down and back at the truck for 10:30.

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7 hours ago, JBur said:

You've had a bumpy road...but the trails are always smooth.  Winning!


Isn't that the truth. Was very fortunate, and happy to be on the trails again. Thank you!

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